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Remembering Staṡ, Zachery, Lucy & Eli

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 10.20.25 PMSo many remembrances this week. I wish I could give long tearful hugs to accompany this request for prayers.

I have two friends who lost their babies this week years ago.  My Polish friend Iwona’s dear boy Staṡ would be two years old now.  Despite the joy of a new baby girl in their life, they miss their boy dearly.

Leaf-Line-Divider-smallStaṡ  Sieradzka
February 2, 2012

This week also marks the loss of a child for my friends Steve and Teresa.  It has been many years since they lost Zachery, but I know their hearts still hurt and they can’t help but wonder what their little boy would be like as an 11 year old.

Leaf-Line-Divider-smallZachery Steven Evans
February 6, 2003

I saw this week that Michelle and Shaun Tomczak lost their baby girl, Lucy, just a couple of weeks before she was due.  Shaun is the lead guitarist for Sidewalk Prophets.  Although I do not know this couple, I feel forever bonded to them in the heartache they are experiencing right now.  There is a campaign to raise money for medical and funeral expenses.  If you are able and feel so led, please help them close the gap on the financial need that is added to the grief they are under. Give Forward Fundraiser.

Leaf-Line-Divider-smallLucy Tomczak
January 28, 2014

I just saw a post that a former student of mine has had a loss in his family as well.  His nephew, Eli, was lost to SIDS at 7 weeks old.  Please pray for Lora and Stephan as they deal with this shock and grief.

Leaf-Line-Divider-smallEli Braxton Tucker
February 5, 2014

 Please be in prayer for all of these families.  Whether the grief is new and harsh, or the deep ache of years ago, it is always a part of our lives.  We pray for peace and comfort, as these families continue their lives with a piece of it missing.

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