Wave of Light

Today is the official Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, the focal point of the month-long awareness campaign.  Part of the tradition is the Wave of Light.  People all over the world will light candles at 7PM in remembrance of babies that have left us too soon. Whether your light represents your own child or a loss to someone you care about, I hope you will participate in this growing tradition to raise awareness and honor these babies.  Keep your candle lit until 8PM, and together we will create a wave of light across the globe as each time zone reaches 7PM.

I wasn’t able to participate last year, but here is my candle from 2013.


Tonight I will light a candle for every name on my Wall of Remembrance.  If your baby isn’t represented yet, please submit whatever information you can and are willing to so I can honor you son or daughter and lift you up in prayer.

Prayers for Tara


Today’s post will give you another face of a real family that is going through the very tragedy that makes Pregnancy & Infant Awareness Month so important.  I came across this woman’s story today, shared by one of my Embracing Grace friends, and it is absolutely tearing me up.  I hope you will follow the link below to read the full story and consider helping this family financially.  The summary is that, like us, she underwent fetal surgery.  Her’s was for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and was successful.  But in the weeks that followed, she delivered prematurely, lost one of the twin boys, discovered she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and began treatment, and the other twin is in the NICU where he’s expected to remain for another six weeks.  She is 34.  Please pray with me for this woman and her family.  If you are able to help with their medical expenses, I know beyond doubt that it will be so very appreciated.

Click here to read the full story
and/or donate to their YouCaring Fund.

Leaf-Line-Divider-smallLuke Grier
August 16 – September 26, 2015