Coping With the Loss of An Infant

Hello and goodbye in the same breath

Drawing of Grace by Daddy

This page has been brewing in my head and my heart for a long time.  It wasn’t long after we lost our baby, Grace, that Ben and I knew that God wanted to use us to help others who are dealing with this sort of tragedy.  We had no idea then where it would lead, but as the years have gone by, we have been shocked to discover the number of people who find themselves in this place.  The bottom line is this: if you have held your child in your arms having said hello and goodbye in the same breath, this page is for you.  No one knows what to say to you.  You need to talk about it, but no one can possibly understand…. unless they’ve been there too.

Flowers for Grace

So, I carry in my phone the names, dates, addresses and details of over thirty other couples that I now know that have been where we were eight years ago.   I hope that this page will become a place of hope, comfort and healing.  I’m not a counselor, psychologist or therapist.  I have no professional training from which I write.  I’ve just been there, and I hope that I can turn that pain into something of service and glory to God by helping others cope through the loss of their child.  Some of what I write comes just from my own thoughts, feelings and opinions – which may or may not resound with you.  But I will also share here the comfort and hope that I have in the promises of God, and those words are nothing less than truth.

I encourage you to subscribe to this page if you are someone who has lost a child at birth. If you choose to share your story with me,  I will try to help support you through some of the hardest times.  I hope that this site will become a place that you can turn on those rough days when you feel everyone else has forgotten.  I hope it can also be helpful to those who have had early pregnancy miscarriages lost an older child, or just want to understand better a friend who has been in this place.

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