Our Story

Here is the short version of our story.
(If you’re interested. you can read the details here)

At 7 months of pregnancy, we discovered Grace had a very rare condition called a CCAM.  A large lesion formed when her lungs started developing that displaced her central organs and overtook her right lung.  We consulted the best physicians, fought for 4 weeks and underwent an intrauterine fetal surgery in hopes of saving her life, but little Grace was just too sick.  God brought her home during the surgery.  Although we miss her terribly, we take comfort in knowing that God’s wisdom is far beyond our own and that Heaven is all she will ever know.  We thank all who supported us with prayers, visits, meals, financial assistance, and cards.  We especially thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of the AP&S clinic of Terre Haute, the IU Medical Center of Indianapolis and the Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati.  

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