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Remembering Grace

GraceMariePorter 060805

My Dearest Grace,

Happy Birthday!  I’ve been thinking about you as I’ve watched Anna and Ethan playing with the Korytkowski children while we are here on the mission field in Poland.  I imagine you, as an 11-year-old, out there running through the camp – adding more giggles and one more redhead to the party.  As your siblings have found new ways to be involved in this ministry each year, I wonder what your role would have been.  But then I realize that you’ve been playing a role all along.  It is because of you that I met Iwona.  Because of you, I was able to share God’s love and hope to many when we worked to break the silence about infant loss with a public event.  You’re part of our testimony.  Perhaps you have played the biggest role of all.  You may not be getting buried in the sand like your brother, but you get to sit at the feet of Jesus.  We love you, baby girl, and we celebrate your life today.