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Remembering Grace

Grace Marie Porter

June 8, 2005

Had events turned out differently, we would be celebrating Grace’s 7th birthday today. I cannot help but wonder what she’d be interested in, how she’d look, how close she and Anna would be, and all the other things you watch and marvel at as a mom. I like to put fresh flowers in her vase and I spend a lot of time in prayer and tears on this day, giving myself permission to grieve. This year, however, I am on a short-term mission trip in Poland where I am ministering to Holocaust survivors. It brings a peaceful perspective to my grief. When I hear and read about mothers and fathers who watched their children die horribly violent deaths or board trains that they knew were carrying them to death camps… it is more than I can bear. Although I miss our sweet girl terribly, I am grateful that she passed so calmly from this life to her eternal life. As I’ve written before, there is comfort in the fact that heaven is all she will ever know.