Prayers for Ryan and Georgiana

Please be in prayer for Ryan and Georgiana Masters,
who just lost their baby – Ezra.


I pray that they will feel God’s love filling the hole in their hearts and giving them strength to endure this –
that they will cling to the promise that God’s grace is sufficient… even now.

4 thoughts on “Prayers for Ryan and Georgiana”

  1. Prayers for Ryan and Georiana at the loss of their child. Let God be with them through this all and reach out when they need to.

  2. Please pray for Stephanie and set price as they say goodbye to their 2 week old son, like. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Georgiana, for letting us know. My family and I, as well as many who follow this blog, will absolutely be lifting them up in prayer and I have added their sweet Luke to The Wall of Remembrance. Please send them here if you think they might find any comfort, and let them know that they are loved and not alone. ❤

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