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Remembering Grace

Grace Marie Porter

June 8, 2005

For the second year in a row, I’m in Poland on a short term mission trip as this emotional day comes.   As I wrote last year, it brings a peaceful perspective to my grief. When I hear and read about mothers and fathers who watched their children die horribly violent deaths or board trains that they knew were carrying them to death camps… it is more than I can bear. Although I miss our sweet girl terribly, I am grateful that she passed so calmly from this life to her eternal life.   This year , I am preparing to speak at an event for parents, families and friends who have suffered infant loss.  Please pray with me that God will give me the words to bring healing, hope and faith.  He knows where these people are in their grief and their relationships with Him.  I believe that this is Grace’s ministry.  Though she never walked a day on this earth, her life makes a difference for others.  Although the timing is emotional, it’s also a perfect way to celebrate her birthday.

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