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Remembering Zachery

Zachery Steven Evans 2

My dear, long-time friend Teresa posted on her Facebook wall yesterday a loving remembrance of their son Zachery.  With her permission, I wanted to share it here.  Prayers and love to you, Steve & Teresa, as we remember Zachery and celebrate his life with you.

Thirteen years ago yesterday we found out our son Zachery had passed away at eight months in womb. Our wonderful doctor at the time suggested we wait a day before I delivered him. (It also gave my mom time to make the trip to Indiana.) We had to be at the hospital early on the sixth of February, and I had spent the day in between (the fifth) at home – mostly in the nursery that was done and waiting for our little guy. It was late in the evening when I wrote this to him. (The original hand-written one is in his casket.) I decided to share this in honor of my grandma who just passed away this last December. She was an awesome writer of poems. This pales in comparison to what she could have done, but to me on that night this was therapeutic. When I showed it to Steve, he added the last line and it was perfect. Today, as I post this, I’m sure Zachery would have been embarrassed –after all he would have been a teenager now and me just breathing would be embarrassing. 😉 I also know my grandma has finally gotten to meet him and hug on him and love on him, just as she has with all the rest of us she left behind, and for that I smile through the tears.


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