Remembering Eli & Kathleen

These touching words were posted by Kathleen’s dad just a few weeks ago.  I thought today was an appropriate day to share them…

Nathan Woodard
April 18 at 9:21pm ·

I don’t know if it is losing what would have been my first born child, my father passing, becoming middle-aged, fighting some health issues or all of the above but I have been reflecting back on my life a lot lately. I am not a wealthy man. I probably never will be. My house is not a show place. My cars are rust buckets and my wallet is empty but I am sitting out here right now listening to my kids laugh and play. The mixture of the birds singing and the hum of a distant tractor makes a surprisingly sweet tune. I have a good family and a job I love where I can make a difference. I have some critters that I enjoy tending to (most of the time lol) and a friend or two. I attend a good church and have a couple of hobbies that I enjoy. My only hope is that if you personally feel depressed or like you are not good enough for this world don’t forget to count your blessings and enjoy the small things in life. On days like today when I am feeling down I have to do an inventory of my blessings so I can once again realize I am a wealthy man.

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