9 thoughts on “Prayers for Amy & Tim”

  1. Know that we are all here anytime at the loss of Hope. If you were introduced to Sue Hoopengardner, she is an amazing woman whom kept in contact with us for the first year and did more for me emotionally than I ever could have imagined. The other person was Rachel Porter. Sadly because of her loss of Gracie she has become my rock from the momens we were in the hospital before birth! God sent me these wonderful women an I am forever thankful. Know that Hope is in the best company in Heaven with God and many other children who only knew their parents for moments but will love them a lifetime.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Michelle. I am grateful to have been able to be there for you and that God has allowed me to play a role in your healing.

    1. I know. I still struggle with this years later, but the first year was definitely the worst. I’ve been praying for you specifically more and more as Hope’s birthday approaches. I put a card in the mail to you yesterday, hoping it would arrive tomorrow. Call me if you want to talk, cry, pray… whatever. I’m here, and I completely understand. 765-592-1517.

      1. Thank you Rachel. I think I am lucky to be going through this milestone while pregnant with my “rainbow baby”. Although he will never replace Hope, I truly feel that she is watching over him. She is a big sister, a guardian angel. It helps.

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