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Amy & Tim’s Story


A year ago, I asked my readers to pray for Amy & Tim when a mutual friend gave me their names and told me of their tragic news.  Just a few weeks ago, we prayed as they endured the reliving of that day and we honored their daughter, Hope.  Today, Amy sent me her story to share.  Please continue to pray for this family as they are expecting their “rainbow baby”, and struggle with the fears the memories bring.
Here’s Amy’s story.


Only now, a year later, am I able to share my story. Here it is:
Last year my family was expecting our fourth child. We already had three wonderful sons, and were ready to finish our family. The boys are spaced many years apart, 10 years separate the oldest and youngest, so we hoped for a playmate for the youngest boy. Our sonogram was scheduled for March 23, 2012, and we were excited to learn the gender of our baby. During the sonogram I could see there was something wrong, but the technician completed the sonogram tests as usual. She told me the baby was a girl. A GIRL! I wanted a girl more than anything, but I still felt that something was terribly wrong. The doctor came in and told me that things were not good. He explained that I didn’t have any amniotic fluid, that my baby was dying. He talked to me for a long time, but through my tears and panic, I only managed to hear that it would take a miracle for my daughter to live the 5 weeks that were needed to even try to save her. At 19 weeks she was not able to survive. We named our daughter Hope, because at that point it was all we had. On March 27, 2012 I gave birth to my sleeping daughter. She was so tiny and so fragile. I can honestly say it was the worst day of my life. But my daughter has never left me, and in so many ways she has made my life much better. Tragedies like this can tear you down or make you stronger, and although there were times I wanted to curl up and die, I decided Hope would be my strength. It has been a year since she was born and we are expecting her baby brother. Hope sent me a rainbow baby, and I believe she is watching over her brothers. My husband and I decided that we would make a donation to the bereavement department of the hospital each year on Hope’s birthday in her honor. We will never forget our tiny angel and we know someday we will see her again


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