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Prayers for Two Families


Please pray with me for two families currently facing the loss of their babies.

A friend’s sister just found out that she and her husband are going to lose their third child.  A routine ultrasound revealed severe deformities and further testing has shown what is most likely Trisome 13, a chromosomal disorder.  This baby boy at 20 weeks has been given no chance of survival.

I also learned today a mom at with a scheduled c-section just a few weeks away who realized she wasn’t feeling any movement and lost her baby last week.


God, please be with these families who are right in the midst of hearing such devastating words and facing life without the children they were so eager to welcome home.  I cry for Elizabeth, her husband and her children as they process the news that their dear son isn’t going to stay with them.   Let them feel your arms around them as they face the days ahead – waiting for the unthinkable to happen and making decisions that no parent should have to make.  I pray also for Abby and grief that comes in the weeks, months, years that follow the loss of a baby.  I know her arms feel so empty.

God, we know that you have never promised us that life would be free from this kind of loss, but I ask that you help these families to know and  hold tight to the promises you have made – that you are always with us, your love for us does not change even when our circumstances make it hard for us to feel it, and that you will bring good from even the deepest of tragedies.  Help them to know in their minds and in their hearts that your Grace is enough to carry them through this.


1 thought on “Prayers for Two Families”

  1. I am praying for both of these families, as my heart breaks for their losses. I grieve with them. Please Father, surround these families with your strength, comfort & love, put people in their paths who will love on them & help them through this time of immense grief. Assure them Father, that you have their precious babies in your sweet loving arms, help heal the hole in their hearts Lord. In Jesus precious name, I lift these parents/families up to you God for your healing power. Amen.

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