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Benefit for Mia Bella



Mia Isabella Featherling
July 6, 2012 – November 8, 2012


I want to help spread the news about a benefit to support the family’s medical and funeral expenses.  If you live in the Terre Haute, Indiana area and are able, I encourage you to contribute in any way you can.  Below is Lindsay Featherling’s Facebook post of the event and her telling of Mia’s story.


Several ISP troopers have organized a benefit for Mia ♥ It will be Saturday, March 16th at the FOP in Terre Haute from 12pm – 5pm with all proceeds going towards her medical and final expenses. There will be a hog roast, silent auction from 12-3, then a live auction at 3pm. We are continually amazed at our law enforcement community and how they have come together to support us during this time. There is a flyer that was made up (it’s really beautiful) BUT I can’t upload it! Facebook says it’s a bad image, and I’m not computer savy. Michael and I wanted to get the word out and hopefully we can see some of you there! If you have any questions or would like to donate to either auction, contact Michael or I. If you would like a copy of the flyer, please contact Michael or I and we can email one to you. Feel free to contact the ISP Putnamvill Post or the troopers listed at the bottom of the flyer with any questions.

For those who didn’t know our Mia Bella, I’ll give a simple (trust me it’s the best way) summary. Our angel, Mia was born perfect and pink on 7/6/2012 just 2 days after her due date…our little fire cracker baby! About an hour after birth, Mia unexpectedly went into respiratory failure. She was life lined to Riley ♥ and put on ECMO at about 12 hours old. Ecmo is a heart and lung bypass. She was on ECMO for 6 days! She came off and all seemed fantastic. She was our miracle! About a week after ECMO, while still in the NICU at Riley (the most amazing place on Earth) We started looking into Mia having a metabolic disease. I can honestly say I had never heard of a metabolic disease. It was also discovered Mia had a severe heart condition, cardiomyopathy (biventricular hypertrophic). We got the metabolic disease under control with therapy and medication. We went home when Mia was 5 weeks old with monitors and an NG feeding tube since Mia all but refused to bottle feed. the next 2 months we had multiple surgeries, lengthy PICU stays, hospital emergency runs, everything. Mia was life lined 4 times. She was on 9 different DAILY medications. BUT she was on track developmentally! She was starting to roll over (even with a g tube and central line) she was babbling and cooing. Just a ball of life ♥ Then tragically and suddenly she passed in my arms. No forewarning, nothing. Her home health nurse had JUST been at our home 40 minutes earlier and she looked great…even pulled his stethoscope 🙂 I was holding her, she exhaled, and that was it. Total peace in her mama’s arms. I did CPR until help could arrive, but she was gone. She was the definition of a trooper and a fighter.
Please join us in celebrating her! All proceeds go to Mia’s medical bills and other final expenses. She was and always will be our guardian angel ♥ We just got to have her on Earth for a short time ♥

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  1. I am weeping as I read this. Thanks for sharing Rachel. I am praying for this family and will check out the facebook page so I can find out if there is any way to get help for expenses to this family.

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