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Remembering Hope


Hope Elizabeth Houser
March 27, 2012

Please celebrate the life of Hope Elizabeth with me today.  Pray for her parents, Amy and Tim, as they remember their little girl and miss her terribly.  Amy posted this beautiful tribute last week and allowed me to share it with the Embracing Grace community.  Giving in remembrance of the one you’ve lost helps comfort your hurting heart and celebrates his or her life.  Thank you, Amy, for sharing this.

10013838_10203448521476475_157256149_nEvery year on Hope’s birthday our family makes a donation to the bereavement department where Hope was born. The items we donate are placed into the memory boxes that a mother receives when she has to go home without her baby. I try to donate something that is uplifting to the mothers, and that commemorates our precious Hope Elizabeth. Here is our donation this year. 

3 thoughts on “Remembering Hope”

  1. My first born was a girl, she was a still born we named her Hope Kay, PLEASE tell me how to get in touch with who makes these bracelets!!! Tomorrow would be her 6th birthday! She was born 10-2-09 if you could email me at please. Thank you

    1. Julie. I don’t know exactly where Amy bought these bracelets, but I make jewelry as a hobby and I’d love to make one of these for you in honor of your sweet Hope. I’ll email you right now to get your info. ❤

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