Wear A Star

 Wear a Star in honor of your lost little one on Saturday, April 12


From Hope Revolution’s Facebook Page:

We are declaring April 12, as “Wear a Star” in memory of our “little stars” in heaven.These “little stars” are any loss of a child, including still borns and miscarriages.

Whether you were directly or indirectly affected from a loss of child, you can still help spread this message of Hope.

The goal is simple, just wear a star. This could be a shirt, necklace, button, sticker, etc… When someone asks you what the star means, just let them know that it’s in honor of a “little star”.

Please invite your friends, and get the word out!

Also, if you haven’t “liked” the [R] project on facebook, please check us out at www.facebook.com/revolutionofhope

for more info about who we are or to get a HOPE [R]EVOLUTION STAR Bracelet, check out www.theRproject.org

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