Awareness, Personal Stories, Remembrance

Remembering Kathleen

Kathleen Grace Woodard

Beautiful sentiments from Kathleen’s Daddy…

Catching a quiet minute out here watering the cows and looking at the sunset tonight. It is cool but the breeze feels good. Can’t help but think about on this day in 2007 we lost our little girl Kathleen Grace Woodard. She had Turner’s Syndrome and was a still born. She was to be my first born child and we lost her. At the time I wondered if I would ever get to experience being a dad. It was a sad time for my wife and I but the Good Lord led us through it. I have been blessed with a great wife, two great kids,and one waiting to meet me when my time comes. Even though Kathleen never took a breath on earth she showed me a couple of things about life. She taught me to value life and to recognize my blessings. My silver lining to the dark cloud is when things seem hopeless and bleak don’t give up because blessings hide amongst the hurt.

– Nathan Woodard

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