The Struggle of Mother’s Day

woman-in-room-with-empty-cribMother’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate something so precious and often taken for granted.  It’s a wonderful day.  Except when it isn’t.  There are so many for whom this holiday brings more pain than joy.  Maybe you’re one of them.

Maybe your mom is no longer with you and this day reminds you just how terribly you miss her.

Maybe you’ve lost a baby.  If it was your only child, you may feel like you don’t “count” as a mom.  (You do.  The world should recognize that.) If you have other children you may still struggle with feelings that somehow you failed as a mom.  (You didn’t.  But that’s how you feel.)

Or maybe you’re the woman who has desperately wanted motherhood and it hasn’t happened for you.  Maybe you know with certainty that it won’t happen for you.  Hearing everyone talk about how blessed they are to be a mom is just more than you can take.  You’re happy for them, but can’t help but wonder why this blessing is withheld from you.

If you’re one of those hurting this Mother’s Day, I’m saying a special prayer for you – and hoping to raise some sensitivity among those who have not felt the pain that can tarnish such as day.

If you’re a friend or family member of someone who has reason to struggle with Mother’s Day, please see them this weekend.  Send a card, give a hug, buy them flowers, take them out to lunch.  The effort will mean the world to them.

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